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Rotary Joints

We manufacture an extensive range of superior quality Rotary Joints that are easy to handle and highly efficient. Rotary Joints are used where oil or air has to be supplied to a rotating cylinder or equipment, under pressure. They are mostly used in textile industry, packing industry, plastic industry and rubber industry.

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C Series

Rex C-Series is a self-supporting version of the Rex Joints, which requires, no external supports of any kind. They are the best known, most widely used in Paper, Textile, Plastics, Rubber, Chemical, Food and many other industries. They are available for through-flow service and stationary siphon pipe


H Series

Rex H-series rotary joint is a self supported unit designed specifically to run at higher machine speed and higher pressure and temperature than conventional self-supported joints with a minimum of downtime. The carbon or carbon filled PTFE seal under compression rather than tensile load provides higher strength and exceptional


J series

Rex J-Series is a rod-supported version of the Rex Joints. The J-Series joints are available for stationary syphon pipe and through-flow service. Lugs cast on sides of body so that simple rods can be used to support the weight of the joint and connections.

Rotating assembly


N Series

Rex N-Series is a rod-supported version of the Rex joints. The N-Series in a specialized variation, designed for use where an internal inlet or outlet pipe must rotate with the roll on paper machine dryers with rotary siphons, double shell dryers, rotary steam tube dryer and similar machines. The N-Series Rex


QA Series

An improved method of connecting Rex Rotary Joint is provided in the Quick Release Nipple. It eliminates threaded nipple and makes removal of the Joint very easy. It reduces inventory requirements too since it eliminates need for RH and LH threaded nipples.


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